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Estate Planning / Wills & Trusts

TThe firm has extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, wills and trusts. Building relationships is paramount to the firm, and over the years the firm has prepared estate planning documents for thousands of individuals, and for multiple generations of families. Our attorneys routinely counsel clients in the preparation of estate plans designed to protect and pass their assets at their death, to plan for death taxes, to name those who will serve, in the event of disability, during lifetime, and who will serve to administer the estate upon death. The firm is also experienced in complex planning matters arising from interests in proprietorships, corporations and partnerships, planning for the care of minor children, handling of property located outside of Maryland, planning for families with children by multiple marriages, and many other complex planning issues. The firm prepares trusts at clients’ direction and advises Trustees in the administration of both inter-vivos and testamentary trusts.

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